Stillness in Motion, Osborne Studio Gallery, Knightsbridge 7th – 25th November 2017

The Great Beyond, 110cm x 130cm, Charcoal on Fabriano paper, 2017

The Great Beyond, 100cm x 130cm, charcoal and conte on Fabriano paper, 2017

My upcoming drawing exhibition in London will be held 7th – 25th November in Knightsbridge, London at the Osborne Studio Gallery on Motcomb Street 

It will be the culmination of a year’s study of horses in motion, will feature some large scale charcoal and graphite drawings and some smaller working studies as well as the sculptures of Florence-based Susan Leyland.

“I’m trying to make really contemporary, emotional drawings which have as much to do with us as humans as they do with horses. The imagery of leaping joyously, straining to clear an invisible fence, spooking or swerving all seem to translate into our human experience so well and by keeping the images clean and free of background context, hopefully focus one on the motion and more im-portantly the emotion.”

For a full listing of the work to be featured and to receive a catalogue please contact

Over The Edge I

Over The Edge, 60cm x 60cm, Charcoal and gesso on wood 2017


styling shoot 1

The Great Escape, 82cm x 128cm, Charcoal on Fabriano paper, 2017