Shanghai Shuffle

View Of Shanghai

I was originally going to be posting the Shanghai travel chat on my Vie En Rose blog. However the powers that be behind the Bamboo Curtain, don’t seem to allow access to blogs or many other things, so will have to do it from the website news page.

I landed some days ago in Shanghai to find a beast of a city full of grey and pastel colours and an unhealthy dose of pollution. I have not been terribly well, what can only be described as a mix of avian flu/bowel trouble, with an intermittent stream of chemical stuff dripping down the back of my throat. Could be time for a mask..


It’s a tall city and from the apartment on the 17th floor, there is a fabulous window seat where you can gain a decent insight into chinese life without even the need for a pair of binoculars. First impressions are that it’s not really what I was expecting. It’s much less intense and fast than the chinese seem to believe it is, in fact the pace I would say is relatively slow.

The food has been causing me problems, and the only thing decipherable in the supermarket was a bag of oatmeal for the elederly, which I figured would do me just fine for now…Keep my strength up.