R.I.P. Lido the Scooter

Patsy & Lido

My dear friend and fashion entrepreneur Anna Reig Florensa has been hosting me this week in the fantabulous island of Formentera where she has been indulging my passion for bikes! We have been roaring around very well dressed on a 17 year old moped called Lido, which very sadly today has given up the ghost. Which in some ways I feel is a good thing, since I generally have accidents when on this island.

Anna & Lido

We fell into a bit of a hole – quite literally – on my first evening and have quite a few scars to prove it. And no idea of how they came about. Having retraced our steps-chugs, we are still not much wiser. We did find Lido eventually, although a couple of calls to the emergency services logged on the phone suggest that something untoward befell us..

Fingers crossed I get out of here and back to the motherland alive next week!