Lost in the Hai

Shanghai Sign

Confusing times here in the Hai. There are times when it seems pretty much impossible to achieve what you want or find what you are looking for. In life, as well as on the street, but all the more difficult when the objectives are in Chinese characters, and the streets of the Hai can be particularly challenging. Last night a pilgrimage to a much talked about restaurant revealed that it existed (or didn’t) at the only street number that definitely didn’t actually exist. I guess it must have been on the 33 1/3rd floor of somewhere, it certainly seemed to be in a bermuda triangle that we were’t able to access. It was a day of rejection in all. It started with being chucked out of the Mariott hotel, where we were attempting to pose as guests to access the pool, and continued to being removed by a policeman for sitting on the grass of a park. It ended favourably thankfully, welcomed into Eddy’s gay bar as the international fag hag that I am, and quite agreeably sipped vodka straight up with the cream of the Shanghai male population who, as I’d suspected, seem to be gay as the hills.

Me You - Shanghai

An interesting development in the gallery is that one of the two plants in my charge while the gallerist is away, disappeared mysteriously, explained by a note left by one of the green fingered chinese atists who exhibits here (above). After a long period of contemplation, it became apparent that the steaming coffee was actually the plant and that she seems to be taking custody of it during the day and returning it by night. Why, I guess I’ll never know, but if that’s what she wants, it seems only fair to share….Strange but true, readers.