Bringing You Jochem Rotteveel!!!

Jochem Artist Shot

As I am filling in for the gallerist this week while she networks in Korea, the fantastic job of interviewing the Dutch artist Jochem Rotteveel has fallen to me! Although we seem to have hit it off, a mutual difficulty with each others’ names has resulted in Johann Rockefeller and Patsy McDonald emerging as our alter egos. Although he occasionally launches into song with Old Mcdonald had a Cow, for the most part he is quietly working away as artist in residence at the gallery making some very interesting work with tape on cardboard. China is a goldmine for coloured tape and Jochem has been like a chid in a sweet shop, filling his boots with every colour under the sun. Johann Rockefeller and Patsy Mcdonald In Interview, coming soon, watch this space!

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