West or South or Somewhere /2019


Further Information

  • Year: 2019
  • Materials: Charcoal on watercolour paper
  • Dimensions: 120cm x 150cm

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West or South or Somewhere is an original charcoal drawing on paper – it was a finalist in The Castlegate Prize 2020 and selected for the Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition 2022. Currently available to purchase, please get in touch if you’re interested

Inspired by the many courageous early morning swimmers on Brighton beach, I recently started sea swimming myself to help with my own struggles with mental health. For me and for many, it would seem, sea swimming is a lifeline that gives people a temporary stress release, a connection to nature and the present moment and a more permanent feeling of wellbeing and ability to cope with daily life. I have often used forward motion as a theme in my work to convey a sense of power and energy and to create images that make me feel strong and positive and which hopefully do the same for the viewer. Here, I wanted to create a sense of the power and swell of the water as well as the momentum of the swimmer as he cuts through it ; physical forward movement but also movement through psychological states to a stronger place.